Fish and chips 

Okay so we all know it’s not only a struggle when you go out for dinner with anyone who isn’t dieting but when the choices are limited it’s even harder! 

Last night we went to the circus which was amazing! I laughed so much and was “wowed” by so many of the acts. I could watch it over and over (already twice) if you haven’t been yet you has today and tomorrow… GO! 

Before we went to the circus we went for fish and chips., they did grilled fish which was my aim before we went but then I realised… I do NOT like to eat food that looks like the animal you are eating. I get that it’s an animal no matter what it looks like but it puts me off so unless it was in batter u probably wouldn’t have eaten it. I did NOT want to be undoing my hard work by having bloody fish and chips so I made what I deemed a reasonable choice.. Thai fish cakes. 

I did not order chips instead I ordered mushy peas (that’s veg right so can’t be bad for you) however when it came there were chips. This is the first time my will power has truly been tested I think. Now I could lie and say I didn’t eat any of the chips.. go me.. but that’s not real. I suspect I had 10/12 chips. I would say less than half the portion. Now for someone who has major food waste issues this is actually very impressive. I could usually clear that and then tashs and mums (they never eat all their chips) but I didn’t. I had a few and that was all. 

At the circus there are clearly 100 treats that I wanted.. popcorn.. candy floss.. but mum bought me a trail mix and that’s all I had! Oh and one worthers original! 

When we got back I could have easily eaten something.. I went in the fridge 3 times. Only with the intention of having fruit and yoghurt but did I need it? Was I really hungry? No course I wasn’t so I stayed strong and awaited breakfast this morning, 

It’s a small victory but I’m damn proud of myself! 

Happy Saturday! 


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