A week in and I’m not a size 6…what! 

First week of a diet I always find the easiest. Most people say hardest but I don’t mind it… the problem comes when I get on the scales and expect to have lost 5 stone in 5 days.. apparently that doesn’t happen. Who knew! 

I’m reluctant to weigh on this plan because I know the weight is going to come off slowly and I’m not usednto that. I need to be pleased with a 2lb weight loss or even 1lb and I find that hard. 

I feel better in myself and I know I am exercising more than usual. Went swimming after work last night. I’m not going to lie I made about 50 excuses while I was at work as to why I didn’t need to go but I did go and I will continue to do the things I set out to. I’m not going to lose weight by sitting and watching wentworth! If I was I would be a tiny little thing by now! 

I am having to fight the urge now to weigh… I want to weigh so I can see if it’s working but I also know I can’t because I become obsessed… I will be so happy on Thursday when we weigh if I have lost just 1lb.. that’s 1lb in the right direction! 

On the bus the girl infront of me is drinking a shake which I assume is for her breakfast and it takes me back to more excuses I made.. I don’t have time for breakfast… I’m too tired to exercise after a full day at work… one weekend won’t hurt… it is all just bloody excuses! When you want something enough.. you find a way to make it happen! 


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