9.30 and Iv I’d breakfast cooked lunch and worked out… who am I! 

Yup that’s right scrambled egg for breakfast.. which was a delight it must be said. I mean who doesn’t want scrambled egg to lose weight! 

Cooked some chicken breasts and added them to the very little salad I have – shopping tonight so I can actually eat what I am supposed to be but for today it’s better than crap: 

Now when I woke up this morning I was a newborn giraffe all over again. To the point I didn’t want to get out of bed! I had to as I really needed a wee and I didnt think now was the time to start wetting the bed! I was stiff and in some serious pain.. more than yesterday if the truth be told. I genuinely questioned what I was doing. Yes it’s been two bloody days and I was already questioning it but that was due to the pain level… how was I going to be able to exercise if every time I ended up like this. 

Now this is why having a PT is helpful. I popped him a message asking if I was supposed to exercise today.. I’m sure the poor bloody man thought well sure u need to exercise ur not going to lose weight just thinking about exercising… why did I take on this idiot…. he told me it was to do with some acid in my body and I needed to push through the pain and then I would feel better.. of course he was going to say that he doesn’t need me to give up before I have even started (or paid him) BUT.. he was right. 

First 10 squats I thought my legs were guna collapse.. brilliant just what I need when I am in a 3rd floor flat and need to leave for work.. but going forward the pain was less. I could still feel it but nowhere near as badly as I did to start with! 

3/4 exercises complete – I can’t lunge.. like really can’t so i skipped that one! and then junped in the shower.. got dressed and out i went to work. im now on the bus telking you all my adventures and im actually not in agony! yippee!

lets smash 8000 steps today and drink lots of water and smash this! what have i got to lose? 6.6 stone thats what!!


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