So this is what it feels like to be a baby giraffe..

Got out of bed a little achey but hey I knew that was going to happen. Slight difficulty in doing my bra up but all in all was okay… how wrong I was. 

Walking down the stairs I was like a baby giraffe that is yet to learn their legs bend. I’m 80% sure my knees tried to bend backwards! I literally looked like an 80 year old woman! 

No seats on the bus so I chose to stand rather than attempt to go up the stairs.. I think Falling down the stairs would be less than helpful at this time in the morning! 

Today is my grandmas heavenly birthday. I think of her often and really wish she was here to celebrate with us. I have inherited her annoying need to understand everything and her love of photography. Thinkin about how many pictures she would take now we have cameras on our phones.. Christ she would take 100s a day. 

I’m relying on you grandma to make sure my knees don’t give way today no matter how much it would make u laugh up there. 


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