Fuck my life I’m paralysed! 

This may be the last blog I am able to share with you as I fear tomorrow I will lose my arms! 

My god I’m unfit! The poor bloody bloke must have thought Christ I am not a paramedic.. I did not sign up for this! 

My legs are like jelly.. My knees are bloody buckling,. Getting up the stairs was a bloody challenge.. I actually thought my knees were going to buckle backwards… is it possible for your knee to pop backwards?? I don’t want to even think how I’m going to get out of bed in the morning! 

It turns out PT stands for paralysed training .. I am now unable to move! 

Having said this I really enjoyed it. I’m genuinely not sure the poor bloke is going to want to take me on to be honest and if he does I hope to god he has a good insurance policy… but I want to smash this.. il be a gym bunny just you watch….


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