Does PT stand for Painful Torture? 

Okay so today I am going for a personal training session. I’m scared! 

I know it is the right direction for me to be going in and I know all these fad diets are doing fuck all for me! I need to find a way to sustain weight loss and become healthier… but that does not make me any less scared! 

I have heard 100 stories of how a PT makes you work so hard you are sick (one way to lose weight I guess) or how you can’t walk for days (I have to walk tomorrow so this is not an option) 

God knows if the poor bloke knows what he is taking on! I am the most accident prone person I know.. I wonder if he has insurance for if i knock myself out? Or if I actually die…I best give him my next of kin just in case! 

I am scared but I am also really excited… I mean after a good workout I’m going to be a size 10 right? I mean if I sweat enough I can lose a few stone in an hour.. that’s how it works I am sure! I wonder f I can go home and eat pizza? I mean I will have worked very hard! 

On a serious note.. this could be the start of a whole new journey for me. And I am going to embrace it! I’m a very determined woman which is good and bad I guess. It’s how I ended up doing a half marathon on a miles worth of training 🙈

Let’s be having ya!!! 


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