Another 1.5 miles today 

So I think walking could be my new thing… now I understand it is a thing I do daily but walking extra might be my thing. 

Tonight I walked 1.5 miles home and u genuinely enjoy it…. when I get in and my legs hurt a little and I’m hot it makes me feel like I have done a good job. Slowly but surely I believe for the first time in a long time that this weight can be shifted.

I also still haven’t weighed which i believe needs some appreciation! I have considered getting on the kitchen scales but I fear I may break them and then I won’t be able to weigh my porridge in the morning so I have managed to refrain! 

2 more days till I can get on those scales so I best walk extra drink more water and see what the scales say… be warned if they haven’t gone down I am going to have a fit! I want to get to 100kg by time I go on holiday. When I started this I was 110.5kg which went down to 108.2 I definitely put on weight but I don’t know just how much… so I am hoping to be 108 or lower. 

Fingers crossed everyone! 


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